Sokratis Demiris


A lawyer and activist. Demiris is passionate about politics and wants the best for his nation. He oversees and coordinates our activities.

Giannis Zagorakis

Head of Public Relations

He coordinates our interactions with the public and members of our online community. He raises awareness in the economy within the region

Agalia Mavropanous

Head of Operations

She is in charge of the daily operations of our offices and coordinates with other non-profits to see our daily objectives achieved.


Our mission at the Greek Debt Truth Commission is to create a platform where Greek citizens can learn about their rights to audit government use of public funds. We want to enable citizens to demand transparency and accountability in the way government borrows and spends taxpayer funds.


Our vision is to see a transparent and accountable Greek government, that is responsive to the demands of the people. We also want to see the Greek economy set on the path to recovery and growth.

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